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"Californians pay for Bay Bridge flaws, but wind farm recoups costs from same contractor." 12/21/14

Welders in high demand 7/31/12

Study Finds Welders at Greater Risk of Pneumonia 7/12/12

Hiring Now: Welders Wanted, Women Welcome 7/6/12

Caltrans records reveal concerns about Bay Bridge concrete and piles 5/27/12 r

Companies ‘begging' for welders 5/9/12nk=cpy

Danger Underground? PG&E Gas Lines Investigated 5/2/12
video report

Weld defects on San Bruno pipeline noted by PG&E decades earlier 4/22/12

State investigators: Carbide Industries ran furnace in explosion decades past projected life expectancy 3/2212

Inergy Midstream to build natural gas pipeline between Pennsylvania and Wash. DC. 3/7/12

The New Groove Weld System January 2012

A woman teaches men more than just welding 12/31/11

Aging pipes, deadly hazards 12/11/11

Boeing to build bigger Everett delivery center 12/9/11

Boeing news is big deal even if you're not a Boeing machinist 12/11/11

US Demand for Welding Equipment & Consumables to Exceed $7 Billion 12/11/11

The Future Of Welding In Manufacturing 3/15/11

Studies & Reports

State of Welding Industry (2011) (PDF) Weld-Ed
A longer version is available in Kindle format at Amazon for $3. First chapter is viewable online.

The Welding Industry - Workforce Trends and Challenges (2008) (PDF)
second version of this report focuses on job sectors and geographical regions.

"Where Have All The Welders Gone" Wall Street Journal 8/15/06 (PDF)

AWS Research Papers

Report Card on American Infrastrucure
American Society of Civil Engineers

Taking the Plunge: A Guide to Starting an Underwater Welding Career 2011 AWS report


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