Pipeline Construction, Pipefitting and Plumbing

Long-distance pipelines carry several types of products, including gasoline, crude oil, diesel, jet fuel, natural gas and propane. Consequently, welders and fitters are employed by many different organizations that build and maintain transmission lines. Utility companies, refineries, oil and gas corporations, offshore rigs and construction contractors are your most likely prospects in a job search. This page introduces all the professions that recruit pipe welders, with plenty of links in the lower box on the right. After finishing here, use the Jobs page to research specific companies.

The next video provides an overview of the entire pipeline process:

Pipefitting and Steamfitting

Welders also work as maintenance mechanics, pipefitters and steamfitters at dams, water pumping facilities, shipyards and power plants. These pipes may carry steam, chemicals, water, sewage (aka waste water) or other liquids, or be used for hydraulic applications (i.e. to move heavy objects). In the shipyards, the pipework is custom built, then installed on ships or submarines.

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Plumbing and Related Trades

Plumbers, sprinkler fitters and HVAC specialists (heating and ventilation) also use welding and fitting skills to construct and maintain pipes inside commercial buildings, hospitals, government installations and manufacturing plants. Since these jobs encompass the traditional "skilled trades", many workers learn the ropes through union apprenticeship programs. For info on how to sign up, check out the Schools and Training section of Welders Universe, as well as the apprenticeship section of Advice and Tips.

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